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Spills- don’t risk having to deal with a disaster

Whatever type of liquids you deal with- hazardous or otherwise- there’s always a risk that a spill might occur, and for this reason, you need to ensure that your workplace possesses adequate equipment to clear up any spill quickly and easily.

It goes without saying that spills of any hazardous substances need to be cleared up without delay with the correct type of spill kit. Carefully assess the type and volume of hazardous substances which you handle on a regular basis and invest accordingly.

Whilst non-hazardous substances might not present immediate danger, as they could cause a nasty accident in the form of a slip, they do also need to be dealt with swiftly.

A spill of any type can spiral out of control with amazing speed, although by ensuring that you have the necessary spill control equipment to hand, you can gain control over the situation speedily.

Spill kits should be placed in easily accessible locations, and you should also ensure that staff are fully trained in using them- enrolling them on a spill training course is a good idea.

By equipping your workplace with the necessary spill control equipment, any potential disasters can be easily avoided.

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