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Spill training solutions

When a spill occurs, it has to be dealt with in a safe and efficient manner, spills that are left untreated or spills that personnel don’t adequately deal with are potential health hazards and can result in your company being prosecuted and fined. It is for this reason that all personnel who deal with hazardous liquids on a daily basis should undergo some form of spill training so they can be prepared.

Spill training can give personnel the following benefits:

• Spill preparation - spill training gives personnel the opportunity to see for themselves the consequences of a spill and gives them food for thought what preparatory procedures need taking at their place of work in case of a spill.

• Speed of response - personnel who are have been trained in how to deal with different types of spills will always be quicker at dealing with a spill than those who have received no training. This can result in less spilled liquid and less impact on the surrounding area.

• Spill management - Knowing what to do when a spill happens is an important part of any spill training session, and if personnel are adequately trained they will be able to manage a spill event.

• Spill products - A trained member of staff will know what products to use to deal with a certain spill incident. If the correct products are used the response will be more efficient and the response will be correctly managed.

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