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Spill stopping products - Drum funnels

Making sure that any liquid which is being poured out of, or into, a drum is not spilled is of great importance for any industrial site. Stored liquids such as fuel oils and chemicals can present health and safety concerns for staff that work on site, so correct dispensing and collection procedures should always be put into place.

A drum nozzle may only be a few inches in diameter, so pouring the contents of a pail or other liquid carrying device into the drum can prove to be difficult. To overcome this there are a range of different ‘spill stopping’ products available.

Drum funnels

A polyethylene drum funnel proves to be an excellent device to use to stop leaks or drips when filling a drum. The drum funnel cap fits over a standard 205 litre drum and because it has a large surface area where liquid can be poured, the chances of any liquid being spilled are dramatically reduced. Drum funnels can also come with a lid, so can be left in situ on the drum when they are not being used.

If you are concerned about drips or spills when filling individual bulk containers (IBCs), there are also funnels available for these too. These devices thus make liquid pouring accidents a thing of the past.

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