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Spill signage

Safety signs should be used at every workplace. From emergency exit signs to fire extinguisher signs, we’ve all seen safety signs; even if we don’t register they are there on a daily basis. Even if the signs aren’t fixed in permanent positions they can be used when necessary to warn employees of impeding danger.

Safety signage is a legal requirement in many industrial premises and as it provides critical information for employees and visitors.

Some types of safety signs include:

Wet floor signs

Wet floor signs are used by most business premises to indicate that there is liquid on the floor. From their daily use after mopping, to their infrequent use as a spill warning sign, they should be kept at various locations so they can be used as and when needed.

Spill kit signs

Spill kits signs show detailed information regarding the types of spill kits available on site. Different types of spill kits are usually positioned at many locations across the site. However, some spill kits have specific uses such as containing absorbent materials for chemical or oil spills or having different quantities of absorbent pads or socks. The spill kit sign will usually tell the user what type of spill can be treated by the kit and what types of spill the kit cannot be used on.

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