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Spill response training courses

Managing spills at an industrial site is an important part of a company’s health and safety mandate. And, as part of the process of managing spills, companies should thus have the right spill response products in place. It’s also important of course that staff who may have to deal with a spill are adequately trained and know what to do when a spill occurs.

Spills happen at inopportune moments and most people who have dealt with a spill and not had adequate training would always say they would have done something differently in their response so the clean-up operation was smoother.

As part of a spill response plan it’s thus important to not just have the right spill containment and spill clean-up products, it’s also important to have trained staff.

If you send employees on an accredited spill response course they will be better prepared to deal with any type of fuel or chemical spill you have on site. Some of the courses that are accredited by the British Safety Industry Federation don’t just cover what to do if you have a spill, they also discuss the relevant legislation involved.

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