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Spill response drain gully covers

If you store large amounts of hazardous liquids such as fuel, chemicals or any other type of flammable liquid, you need to take precautions in case of a spill.

A spill of any one of the above substances can have severe consequences, not only for your facility, but also to the environment.

As part of your spill response employees should not only be trained in how to effectively deal with the problem, but they should also be provided with the correct equipment to use, so the spill is contained and then can be cleaned quickly and professionally.

Drain gully covers

An important part of your spill response is making sure that no hazardous substances find their way into the drains you have on site. To stop this from happening, you should make sure you use drain covers as part of the spill equipment you have to hand.

Drain covers come in three types:

• Mouldable plug rugs

• Polyurethane covers

• Neoprene covers

Each drain gully protector has its own advantages. For example, plug rugs are mouldable to different types of drains and provide a quick water tight seal, whereas neoprene drain covers are quick to deploy and are resistant to water, oil and many types of chemicals.

If you are unsure which drain cover would be most suitable for your application, you need to contact a spill response specialist who will be happy to recommend a bespoke solution.

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