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Spill personal protective equipment

If you have to deal with a spill of a hazardous liquid on site you will need to make sure the person who cleans up the spill wears appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

PPE comes in many forms, from simple nitrile glove to complete coveralls, which can protect the wearer’s body from a host of different hazardous solutions.

Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are a wearer’s first line of defence from coming into contact with a spilled substance. The gloves come in standard or heavy duty varieties and are usually textured, improving the wearer’s grip. Blue nitrile gloves are suitable for use in the food manufacturing industry and show a distinction from latex gloves.

Disposable protective coveralls

Disposable protective coveralls should always be worn when there is a chance that a person may come into contact with a harmful substance. The full body suit is flexible enough to be worn in even confined spaces and can protect against dry particles or even chemical spray. Coveralls even come with an elasticated hood so the user is completely protected.

Wearing the right PPE when you are cleaning a spilled liquid is really important as your personal safety should never be compromised.

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