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Spill pallets help you store hazardous chemicals safely

Does your business need to store hazardous chemicals? The drums in which these chemicals come may look pretty sturdy, but they are not always as secure as they seem. After all, these drums can spring a leak at any time, and you simply cannot afford to take any chances. Using spill pallets is an ideal solution if you want to protect against hazardous spills and their legal and environmental consequences.

Spill pallets are generally basins or bins that serve as a container for drums. If your drums spill or leak, the fluid will be contained in the pallets, which you can then easily clean up using absorbents. Spill pallets are available in many different types, so you need to choose one wisely in order to suit your needs.

Aspects to consider when choosing spill pallets

• Size

Spill pallets need to be large enough to enable plenty of space for your drums, with space to spare for possible spills. However, they should not be too big or you’ll find the pallets themselves can become a hazard.

• Type

There is an amazing range of spill pallets available today for you to choose from. They come in both covered and regular versions. The covered pallets are perfect for outdoor use, as they will protect your drums from adverse weather conditions.

So, by keeping the above things in mind, you should be able to get the right type of spill pallets for storing hazardous chemicals and oil drums safely and securely.

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