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Spill Pallets – A must to hold the drums containing chemicals

Hazardous chemicals pose a problem to the workers. Usually workers store the chemicals in drums and other containers. However, these drums, even though sturdy, cannot always contain the chemicals absolutely. It is possible that these drums have a leakage or do not get sealed properly. Therefore, you cannot afford to take chances especially when the security of others is at stake. Do not worry as spill pallets can solve your problems.

You have probably heard the name of this functional piece of equipment; they are also known as sump pallets and bunded pallets. It is the most viable solution for protecting the workers against any sort of spills or leakages. Spill pallets are basically large trays that can be used as containers for the drums. This means that they can prevent the fluids from flowing out in case of any spill or leakage. Thus, during a leakage, the fluids are contained within the pallets. They can later be cleaned with suitable absorbents.

These spill pallets are also available in many different types. You can choose the pallets which suit your needs by taking certain factors into consideration while purchasing spill pallets.


Ensure that you select a suitable size of spill pallet. It is essential that spill pallets are large enough to encompass the drums. It is equally important not to select oversized spill pallets. Measure the drums beforehand to get an exact idea of the required size.


Spill pallets are usually available in regular and covered models. Select the covered ones if you plan to use the spill pallets outdoors. They can protect your drums from adverse weather conditions and make them easier to handle.

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