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Spill pallets and bunds

Many industrial sites across the UK need to store large quantities of hazardous liquids which are used in their production processes. These hazardous liquids may be oil based or chemical based, but all have one thing in common, if they are spilled into the surrounding environment they can cause significant damage.

To catch drips or leaks from oil or chemical drums, they should always be placed on a spill collection or containment device. Spill pallets and bunds are perfect at collecting drips, leaks or spills from these type of liquid storage devices.

Drum spill pallets allow the drums to be stored safety whilst at the same time incorporating a sump where any spilled liquid can collect. Sump pallets can store 205 litre drums and other liquid containers, and the removable grills facilitate easy cleaning of the sump whilst also maintaining a safe working environment.

IBC spill pallets are manufactured to hold an IBC safely and also have a bund to collect the IBC contents should they spill. The IBC spill pallet also lifts the IBC off the floor enabling easy extraction of the contents of the IBC when needed.

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