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Spill pallets, a must to provide the desired level of protection from spills and leakages

Drum leakages are a major concern, especially when you stock dangerous chemicals or hazardous liquids. According to the law, it is essential to prevent any sort of leakage and ensure that your workers are provided with the optimum level of protection. In addition, the law also states that the surrounding environment should also be protected efficiently.

Enhanced protection with spill pallets

Spill pallets can be used for different applications. For instance, spill pallets can provide the desired protection if you have large oil barrels or a barrel containing hazardous liquids. Spill pallets are also quite simple to use.

A spill of any kind can be contained thanks to a spill pallet. This can be demonstrated with a simple example that whenever you spill coffee, it ends up in your saucer and does not come in contact with the table.

How can you select the right spill pallet?

You should ensure that spill pallets meet the regulations laid down by current industry standards. Then you can select a spill pallet that meets your requirements and needs. An efficient spill pallet should be manufactured in high density polyethylene.

Some spill pallets have removable poly grates. Removable poly grates are good from a maintenance point of view as they are extremely easy to clean. Covered spill pallets are perfect for outdoor use.

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