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Spill pallet and drum bunds

Many factories across the UK have to store large quantities of liquids which they use in their production processes. To comply with current health and safety legislation however, they also have to put emergency procedures into place should a spill occur from any of these liquid containing vessels.

Drums and IBCs are the two most common liquid containing vessels seen at an industrial site. And the best way to catch any leaking fluid from both these containers is to use a bunded spill pallet.

Bunded spill pallets sit under the liquid container and as well as acting as somewhere to store the container they also act as a secondary spill containment unit. This means any liquid which leaves the container will be held by the secondary device until it can be cleaned up and removed.

Most spill pallets hold around 110% the liquid carrying capacity of the tank or drum it is designed to hold. Therefore, all the liquid from the vessel can be held without any leaking into the surrounding environment.

Whether you use a spill pallet or a drum bund, you will be safe in the knowledge that if a spill should occur none of the liquid will present a hazard to an individual or the surrounding environment.

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