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Spill management and training

Dealing with spills quickly and efficiently is of paramount importance if you want to protect the environment and keep health and safety standards above an acceptable level.

It can be difficult to contain some spills, as can be seen currently with the large oil spill off the East coast of the USA. Even though safe systems of work have been put in place and safe systems of work are followed it is easy to see that spills can occur. Instead of being underprepared in situations like this, the best course of action is to have disaster recovery systems in place to protect not just the environment and the employees but also the company’s reputation.

Spill containment and management is not something that should be learned after the event. It is something that should be planned for, and hence adequate training should be undertaken by your staff to ensure a quick, productive response in the event of a spill. Different types of spills need different techniques to be used so they can be dealt with properly and there are of course many different spill containment and cleaning systems you can use to cope with a spill. If you are trained properly you will know what system to use for which type of spill.

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