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Spill kit types - Vehicle spill kits

Spill kits are now used widely in industrial environments where liquid spills may present a threat to employees or the environment. They contain things such as personal protective equipment and absorbent materials to soak up a spill.

Although spill kits are used frequently in industrial environments, because of the compact size in which some spill kits are available, they can also be used in other situations too. For example, vehicle spill kits are becoming more common all the time and are essential for those drivers who transport liquids or other dangerous materials.

HGV spill kits

HGV spill kits are essential spill product which every HGV driver should own. They are not only suitable for small spills of liquid from the vehicle itself, but are also perfect when a spillage of the vehicle contents occurs. HGV spill kits are portable and come in small, easy to carry sacks which can be positioned easily in the driver cab. Because they are portable, they can be transferred between different HGVs easily.

Vehicle spill kits can absorb up to 28 litres of spilled liquid, such as oil, and contain things such as absorbent pillows, absorbent pads and absorbent socks.

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