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Spill kit types - Battery acid spill kits

Many industrial sites now use a range of automated machinery to facilitate production requirements. When industrial machines have to work autonomously, they have to rely on another source of power other than the mains supply. Most machines of this type use electricity from a bank of batteries which are fitted to the machine. When the machine is not in the use, the batteries are charged up at a charging station.

Increased automation in warehouses and factories has led to increased chances of a spill of battery acid. This means these places of work have to have the right equipment on standby so spill cleaning can be quickly acted on. Battery acid spill kits contain just about everything you need to cope with a battery acid spill.

Battery acid spill kits contain neutralising agents which change colour when the acid has been treated. When treated the residue is then considered environmentally benign, so can be washed into the waste water network. This makes decontamination of the area quick and easy.

Battery acid spill kits also contain PPE so the worker can use the kit safely. And they come in transportable carry bags, which can be affixed near the machine charging station and near other high risk areas where the chances of a spill are heightened.

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