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Spill kit types and uses

Every industrial site need to assess the potential for spillages of hazardous liquids and then make provision for their successful clean-up. And the best way to clean up any spill is to use a specific type of spill kit.

Spill kits are available in many different types including:

General purpose spill kits

One of the most versatile spill kits currently available is the general purpose spill kit. Although not dedicated to any specific type of spill, these spill kits are the perfect type of kit to keep at the ready should a liquid spill occur.

Oil spill kits

Designed to specifically soak up oil and fuels, oil spill kits can actually repel water, making them the perfect type of kit to use outside or to collect spilled fuel from a river or another water course.

Chemical spill kits

These kits are designed to soak up a chemical spill whilst also coping with the chemical’s aggressive nature. They feature high quality absorbent materials and also gloves and goggles to protect the kit user.

All spill kits will contain a variety of absorbent materials including pads, pillows, sock and the associated disposal equipment so the used absorbents can be disposed of safely.

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