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Spill kit signage

Every industrial site should make sure that they are adequately prepared in case a spill of a hazardous liquid occurs. And this doesn’t just mean having the right spill kit to hand. Spill signage is equally important and can help greatly when you have a spill.

Many industrial sites have spill kits located in designated areas of the plant to cope with a spill. However, there are a number of different types of spill kits available that are better then others at dealing with different types of spill. For example if the spilled liquid is oil, an oil specific spill kit will work more efficiently.

It’s for the above reason that spill kit signs should be used next to every spill kit, so the user knows exactly what the kit will and won’t do. Spill kit signs can display important information about the spill kit including the spill kits primary use and what fluids not to use the spill kit on.

Spill kit signs are also available that tell a person what to do in the event of an emergency spill, including who to contact and where to find appropriate spill control measures.

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