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Spill kit refills

Having a number of different spill kits at various locations around your industrial site is a great way to be prepared if a spill should occur. These kits can be positioned nearest the areas that are likely to suffer a spill and can be marked accordingly, so employees know their specific use.

Some spill kits come in small bags that can be carried over the shoulder and some come in sizes that have to be contained within a push-along bin. They contain items such as absorbent pillows, absorbent pads, absorbent socks and everything you need to cope with the containment and clean-up of a spilled liquid.

If you use part of your spill kit when you have a spill, you will need to replace the components that you have used. It isn’t cost-effective to buy a complete new kit, so the best thing to do is to take an inventory of the items you have used and items you have spare and replace only the needed items.

Spill kit refills are the perfect way to replenish the spill kit items you have used and create a stock level of spare items. Having spare items will mean you can refill the kit immediately after a spill, so the kit you have is ready to be used immediately should another spill occur.

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