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Spill kit refills

Spill kits are an essential emergency commodity in many industries where the uncontrolled dripping, leaking or flow of hazardous liquids could pose a risk to a person or the environment.

There are many different types of spill kits available, to suit many different types of applications. All of which can control the spills from different liquids including oil, chemicals and other hazardous substances such as acid. Having the right type of spill kit available on site will mean that any spill can be promptly dealt with and successfully cleaned up.

Spill kits contain things such as absorbent pads, pillows and socks, personal protective equipment and some sort of containment bag to place the pads or socks into after use.

General purpose spill kits

General purpose spill kits are available in sizes such as small containers suitable to keep in the back of a vehicle, to larger spill kits that fit into a large sized wheeled bin. This means that they are easily transportable around your site or in a vehicle if necessary.

Spill kit refills

When you have used a spill kit, you will need to check the unused inventory of the kit and replace the items that have been used. A great idea here is to buy a spill kit refill. A spill kit refill won’t include the bin or bag that the kit was initially purchased with, but will contain the contents of that kit so you spill kit can be restocked.

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