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Spill kit refill types and components

Spill kits come in many different types, from general purpose kits that can tackle a range of different liquid spills, to chemical spill kits that can cope with chemicals’ aggressive natures and still soak up the liquid spill. However, when a spill kit has been used, you will find that the used items will need replacing. There is no point purchasing a complete spill kit, what you need are replacement items so the spill kit can be refilled.

Spill kit refills take many different forms, but essentially you just need to make sure that you keep stock of the items that you have used. You can then get in contact with a spill solutions company who will be able to offer direct replacements.

If however you still want to buy a spill refill kit, there are many available on the market. With some that can act as a direct replacement for the kit you initially purchased. This means you can get the items in the kit, but don’t have to waste money buying another spill wheelie bin or shoulder bag.

Spill refills come in packs that include items such as absorbent pads, absorbent pillows and absorbent socks with many also including PPE such as disposable gloves.

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