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Spill drain covers

When a spill occurs at an industrial site, the site must do everything in their power to stop the spill entering the general waste water network. To do this they usually have spill response plans in place and have made sure all relevant staff have been trained.

Spill training is essential for all members of staff who work with hazardous liquids. Although spills are generally an uncommon occurrence, they do happen, and it’s only when staff are trained that the response can be quick, effective and efficient.

Mouldable drain covers

One type of spill control device which should be kept at the ready at all industrial sites are spill drain covers. Spill drain covers prevent any hazardous spilled solution from entering the general waste water system by covering the drain surface so none of the spilled solution can get through.

Because drains come in a variety of sizes, there are of course a number of products on the market to cater for this. Mouldable ‘plug rugs’, made from clay, are a suitable drain blocking solution when the drain is of uneven size or shape. The mouldable cover fits over the drain entry and provides a simple liquid stopping solution until the spill can be cleared using appropriate absorbents.

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