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Spill control using a Plant Nappy

Spill control on an industrial site is really important. Every factory or industrial premises needs to make sure that they have appropriate spill control procedures in place, should a spill occur from one of their liquid stores or from a machine which uses lubrication fluid such as oil.

If you use an industrial machine, such as a generator, you will need to make sure that spills from this type of machine do not affect the surrounding environment. Generators drip fuel and oil on a frequent basis, so a spill containment device has to be used to collect these spills.

If you use a Plant Nappy underneath a generator, all these drips and spills can be contained. The plant nappy will actually separate out the fuel spill from water, meaning they are an excellent device to use outside where the inclement weather may fill a different type of non-selective drip tray.

In addition to their excellent oil and fuel spill collection capacity and their ability to let rain water pass through their side walls, you can use a Plant Nappy liner in the Plant Nappy, which can be replaced when it becomes contaminated.

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