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Spill control training courses

If you have a comprehensive spill control policy in place at your industrial site, you will need to make sure that all your employees are briefed on what to do should a spill occur. This may mean investing in additional training or training key employees so they know what to do if you have a spill.

Spill control training can cover:

• Speed of spill response

• Preparation for spills

• Spill management

• Spill asset information

• Training using various spill assets

If you are adequately prepared, you will have the right equipment in place to tackle a spill at your industrial site. And if you have been trained, you will be able to use this equipment properly and will thus minimise the impact of the spill to your place of work and also to the environment.

Spill control training is thus imperative if you use fluids such as chemicals or fuels at your industrial site. You can make sure that the equipment you have is appropriate for the types of liquids you use and you can thus choose appropriate new equipment if needed.

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