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Spill control training and assessment

For industrial sites which use hazardous liquids, there is always the possibility of these liquids being spilled. Because of this it is important that all staff on site are appropriately trained as to what to do if a spill should occur.

If a company has taken steps to prepare for a spill, the spill response time can be reduced dramatically. This is likely because employees will know what to do, where the spill control equipment is located and also how to use the spill equipment on site.

When staff at an industrial site are trained in spill response they will be able to respond quickly and stop the spill from getting worse. This can reduce the contamination to the surrounding environment and hence reduce clean-up costs dramatically.

Staff who are trained in spill control procedures can also teach other employees the importance of spill control and check the company’s spill response equipment to make sure it’s up to the job.

Spill training courses are the perfect way your staff can learn everything they need to know about how to deal with a spill. From spill prevention to spill clean-up and what absorbent materials to use, the spill training instructor will be able to give the course attendees a complete overview of spill control.

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