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Spill control drain covers

If you spill a hazardous substance on site, you will have to deal with the spill as quickly as possible. This is so it does not get any worse and affect the surrounding area or find its way into the drainage system.

Spills should be mopped up using the right type of spill absorbent materials. And if you are well equipped, you should have different spill kits on site to cope with every type of potential spill. However, to stop the spill polluting the environment, you will need to stop the spilled liquid entering the drainage system. And the best way to do this is by using spill control drain covers.

Spill control drain covers currently come in three different types. Re-usable neoprene covers, high visibility polyurethane covers and mouldable clay covers.

Neoprene drain covers

Neoprene drain covers are quick to use and are resistant to water, most chemicals and oil. You can use them again after washing and the cover can be used on any type of surface.

Polyurethane drain covers

Polyurethane drain covers give a sticky seal to the surface of the drain and like neoprene covers are also resistant to water, oil and most chemicals. Polyurethane covers are also reusable and are available in a range of sizes.

Mouldable drain covers

Mouldable drain covers are the perfect solution for mis-shaped or odd sized drains. They are resistant to water, oil and most chemicals and are extremely simple and quick to use.

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