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Spill control booms

There are currently two different types of booms used in the spill control market – Spill containment booms and absorbent booms.

Spill containment booms

These booms, which were used to great effect after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, are excellent at providing an emergency system to contain oil or fuel spills on open water.

Containment booms work primarily as barriers that stop fuel or oil gaining access to a controlled area. The boom usually sits on the water surface and can either be attached to further booms, creating a longer length barrier, or can be attached to a river bank, keeping the boom in situ for as long as needed. They are available in different depths and lengths.

Absorbent booms

Absorbent booms can be used to absorb and contain oil spills and fuel spills on an industrial site and at sea. Different types of these absorbents include drain gully socks, marine booms and general purpose land booms.

Marine booms are perfect at absorbing oils and can repel water, making them perfect for use on rivers and at sea. If a spill has found its way into your drainage system, drain gully socks can be used to remove the spilled liquid from the drain.

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