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Spill control and spill training

It is unfortunate that even if you have the strictest of spill controls, a spill can still occur. That’s why it’s so important that you prepare for a spill and make all the employees on your site aware that a spill may happen and what to do should this occur.

Having standard operating procedures in place is a step in the right direction for spill control. If you have a procedure that has been developed and honed, it will tell you the right way to treat a certain type of spill and help your employees remember the spill training they may have had a few months previously.

It’s important to have standard operating procedures in place and also to train employees on how to contain and clean up the spill. They should have detailed knowledge of the spill containment and absorbent materials on site and where to find them. They should also be instructed on what type of personal protective equipment to wear for different types of spills and contribute positively to make the spill control and containment procedures work more effectively.

If you have hazardous substances on site, it’s worth sending all your front line staff on a spill awareness course. They can then be aware of the potential problems and be trained on what to do if a spill occurs at your industrial site.

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