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Spill control and personal protective equipment

Control equipment is essential to reduce the exposure of dangerous substances to employees in an industrial environment. There are many companies that use a variety of dangerous chemicals and substances all over the UK. And, each of these companies needs to have good working practices in place to minimise the risk to employees.

Two common control measures to minimise risk that need regular maintenance are spill control and personal protective equipment

Spill control

Hazardous chemicals are commonly found in liquid form and as such should be contained in appropriate vessels and in the correct type of storage container. If for example, bunded drum stores and chemical storage units are used at your industrial facility, they should be checked regularly to make sure that they do the job they are intended to do. And, so your company complies with the current environmental protection agency recommendations.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment is an important control measure at any industrial facility. The stock levels of this equipment and the maintenance of such equipment is therefore a necessary requirement of employers. If the PPE you use is no longer up to the job it was designed to do, it will no longer provide the correct degree of protection and hence will constitute an exposure danger to the wearer.

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