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Spill control absorbents and kits

We have discussed in previous articles the involvement that workers should have when developing control methods and suggesting improvements in the way they work to control their exposure to dangerous substances. Here we will suggest a few of the things that might be of use on your industrial site to control exposure.

Emergency spill kits

Spills can happen at any time, even if you are well prepared and follow all the stipulated control exposure methods. That’s why it’s so important to have emergency spill kits easily available on site. Emergency kits can be kept near areas of potential spills and employees should be aware of their location should they be needed.

Absorbent sock, pads and pillows

For areas that are prone to spills, different absorbent materials can be kept at spill stations that are easily accessible by all employees. Spill dispensers come in types such as simple wall mounted roll holders to compact spill caddies or spill control stations that can be wheeled to various sites around your factory and can contain many different types of absorbent materials.

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