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Spill containment solutions

It’s not just important to have the right spill absorbents available to soak up a hazardous spilled liquid. It’s also really important to have spill containment solutions in place, so the spill does not further contaminate the surrounding area.

There’s an increased emphasis on health and safety nowadays, and for this reason it’s really important that all the substances you use on site are risk assessed. This will highlight where potential risks exist, either by the substance coming into contact with a person or by it affecting the surrounding area.

Spill containment products encompass all those items which stop a spill from causing damage to the surrounding area. They either actively catch drips or leak, or they prevent a spill liquid spreading. Some spill containment products include spill pallets and bunds, booms, drip trays and drum funnels. Of these items drip trays are perhaps the most well known but the others are continuing to be used with increasing frequency all the time.

Each of the above devices reduces the potential for a harmful spill further damaging the environment. And so all these devices should be looked at by the industrial user as methods to comply with the latest health and safety legislation.

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