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Spill containment pallets to help control and prevent oil spills

Spill containment pallets are specially designed to hold the leaking contents of a container that has water based liquid or chemicals. The spill containment pallets are specially used to offer added protection and are required in most cases. When you are dealing with dangerous chemicals of any type, you need to be on your guard. There are high probabilities wherein these drums containing oil or chemicals may leak. Thus, there is a need to safeguard your facility, your environment and yourself.

The spill containment pallets are a great solution for this problem. Whether you have barrels of oil, chemicals or any assorted liquids in your manufacturing facility or car repair shop, spill containment pallets offer the essential protection that you need. Spill containment pallets come in many different sizes to help you control the leakage of drums or any other type of fluid container.

When the containers are filled with flammable liquids or chemicals, it is essential to protect them from any type of leakage. The pallets are generally made from a high-density polyethylene, and most have removable poly grates for easy cleaning. The polyethylene units also feature a weather-proof, lockable design, thus enabling secure outdoor storage for hazardous wastes and materials.

The polyethylene construction of spill containment pallets provides an outstanding chemical resistance to prevent corrosion and rusting. These spill containment pallets not only help you to comply with the containment regulations, but also offer a safe and effective way for storing poly and steel drums and keep excessive leaks of the spill off from the ground.

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