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Spill containment- make sure you’re prepared

For many businesses, spills are somewhat inevitable, and this is why it’s important that the workplace is always fully equipped with the items necessary to deal with spills speedily and efficiently.

Spills of hazardous substances can not only pose a threat to the health of workers, but also to the environment, and a breach of health and safety regulations could land you in very hot water.

In order to minimise the effects of a spill, suitable control and containment equipment needs to be close to hand.

As there are so many specially tailored items of spill containment equipment around, there simply is no excuse for letting a hazardous situation spiral out of control- and no business wants to find themselves in a sticky legal situation.

The effects of the BP oil spill have dominated international press recently, and this has further highlighted the importance of spill containment and the disastrous effects that a spill can have.

Booms, spill pallets, drip trays and drum funnels are just a handful of the most effective spill containment products available today.

Fully assess your own personal situation in order to determine the most suitable equipment for your needs, and reduce the far-reaching consequences of a hazardous spill.

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