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Spill containment flood barriers

Whether containing a large quantity of spilled liquid or providing a suitable flood barrier to prevent the ingress of water to a protected site, flood defence barriers are easily the best available option.

Flood defence barriers can provide a water tight seal with the ground, preventing any leakage of water or spilled liquid under the barrier. And when stacked using other flood barriers, can form a barrier up to 2 metres in height.

Because flood prevention barriers can be fitted together, the length created is effectively unlimited. They are also available in a huge combination of sizes and widths suitable for your specific application.

Flood barriers are easy to assemble and because they are filled with water can be filled quickly from the mains water supply when needed. When the barrier is no longer needed, the water can be left to drain into the ground and the barrier folded away for easy storage. Flood barriers can be deployed quickly and because of their water stopping characteristics, can prevent the ingress of a flood from a river, stream or even the sea.

If you live in a frequently flooded part of the country, a flood barrier is a wise investment.

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