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Spill containment drain covers

When a spill occurs at your industrial site, you need to have all the required spill control equipment to hand to tackle the spill and stop the spill from further affecting the surrounding environment.

To stop the spill entering the waste water system, you need to use spill containment device such as an absorbent boom or drain cover.

Absorbent booms can be placed around the spill, so that any spilled liquid will not make its way into a protected area, whereas drain covers can be used to stop the liquid entering the drainage system completely.

Plug rugs

A plug rug is a quick to use drain cover that seals the drain effectively, stopping any hazardous liquid from entering the drain. A plug rug is in fact made of mouldable clay, so it can be fitted on a wide range of different drains, including those that are damaged or misshaped. They are available in a range of sizes and are resistant to oil and most types of chemicals.

Neoprene drain covers

Neoprene covers are an effective way to stop liquids entering the drainage system. They can be used on rough or smooth surfaces and are really quick to deploy.

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