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Spill containment booms

Spill containment booms are of paramount importance in any large spill response plan. This type of spill control equipment was used to great effect in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill recently and stopped huge quantities of oil reaching the coast of four Gulf States.

Absorbent booms

Oil absorbent booms are extremely absorbent items that can help in the containment and clean-up of spills. Booms that are used in a marine environment are excellent at stopping oil on the sea surface reaching an uncontaminated area. Oil booms are made to absorb oil whilst repelling water so can remain floating on the sea surface, even when fully saturated.

Containment booms

Oil containment booms are another type of boom that can be used in an emergency spill scenario. Whilst not being able to absorb oil, they can stop the oil or other spilled liquid reaching unaffected areas. Containment booms can be connected together, creating barriers of unlimited length. Being inflatable, these booms can be stored easy and deployed quickly, reducing the impact of a spill on the surrounding environment.

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