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Spill containment booms

We have mentioned quite recently the importance of using containment booms to contain fuel or oil leaks on open water. The importance of these spill containment devices can be seen no more so than in the Gulf of Mexico, where approximately 3.7 million feet of booms are currently being used to try to contain the huge amount of oil that has leaked out of the broken riser pipe from the destroyed Deepwater Horizon oil rig.

Containment booms come in a few different types and include fence booms and inflatable booms. The fence booms are perhaps more suitable for low flow rivers and streams whereas the inflatable booms are the perfect option for an open water scenario such as at sea.

Inflatable booms can be joined together to create a huge length of containment barrier and are available in different lengths and depths which can be used for different situations and spill events.

If you use oil or another liquid form of fuel at your industrial site, you need to make sure that you have adequate spill containment and cleaning devices at your disposal, to cope with any spills that may occur.

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