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Spill containment berms are one of the effective ways to contain spills

Spills in industrial settings are very common. If not handled with care a spill situation can get out of control. You can reduce the possible impact if you contain the spill faster. By acting quickly in a spill situation it becomes easier to clean up too.

There are several effective methods to keep the spill contained. One of these is the use of spill containment berms.

Spill containment berms

Small, portable containment berms can be used in the event of a spill. They are useful in containing the spill and do not allow it to spread to other areas. You can find containment berms that can hold equipment over them. These kinds of berms do not require any kind of set up, although there are other types which do need assembly. They are called ‘L-bracket berms’. These categories of berms are very economical and ensure that spills do not cross over to other areas.

There are many other types of equipment which allow safe and easy containment of spills. You can easily find containment kits for any kind of spill, whether dangerous chemicals, oil or other liquids.

The choice of equipment depends on the size and type of spill. You will have to carry out research on the details of different spill containment kits and berms before establishing what you need.

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