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Spill containment and absorption solutions

Spillages can seriously affect your business if they are not dealt with properly. The leakage of industrial liquids around your establishment can not only have a negative health affect on your employees, if any liquid residue finds its way into the drainage system or a water course, your company could face a large fine.

To combat spills, it’s important for every company to have a spill response policy in place. The spill response policy will be able to advise employees what steps to take if you have a spill and give details about any current best spill practices that your company may have.

Important elements that need to be included in any spill response plan include spill kits and absorbents.

Spill kits are available in many different sizes with a differing amount of constituents. Some spill kits specifically target certain chemicals and can hence be kept at the ready near these chemicals so they can be used if a spill occurs.

Absorbents available come in pad, pillow or granule form and can be used for a variety of spills. And with the addition of spill containment booms and drain gully socks, you should be able to acquire a spill solution for your specific spill needs.

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