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Spill booms

One of the most useful spill containment and collection devices when dealing with spills on open water is the absorbent boom. Absorbent booms and containment booms can collect spilled oil and stop it reaching protected areas. These types of booms can also be connected together to form a barrier of unlimited length.

Spill containment booms

Spill containment booms can be used in an emergency spill situation on land or in water. They may not be able to absorb the spilled substance but they can stop the spilled substance reaching unaffected areas. Some containment booms are inflatable, so can be stored easily then deployed quickly in the event of an emergency spill situation.

Absorbent spill booms

Absorbent booms are the perfect spill containment and absorption solution when a spill occurs at sea. Marine booms can stop oil on the water’s surface reaching protected areas and can actually repel the water they float on, while at the same time soaking up and hence collecting the spilled liquid.

Booms are an essential part of a spill response kit and can be used to great effect on land or in open water.

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