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Spill at Tilbury leads to chemical clean up

A chemical spill at Tilbury docks led to a spill response operation by the local fire brigade.

The spill occurred when a valve on a bulk liquid storage tank broke and the contents of the tank started to pour out with no means of stopping. The liquid inside the tank was ethanol, which is not just toxic but also highly volatile and hence flammable.

The spill happened on the 14th of December and fire crews from both Orsett and Grays attended the scene. The bulk storage tank whose valve was damaged can store up to 33,000 litres of liquid and the ethanol was described as ‘pouring’ out of the tank at one stage, by a spokesperson from the fire service.

A blanket of foam was laid around the tank to stop the liquid accidentally igniting while a new container was sourced so the remaining liquid could be transferred. The Port of London Authority came to the rescue with a storage container and the liquid was transferred quickly and efficiently.

Bunded storage

Bunded storage containers are the perfect way to store hazardous liquid. Because they have a bund, they have a secondary method of capture in case any liquid spills or the primary bund fails. It’s important to make sure that your liquid storage containers comply with the latest oil storage regulations and environmental protection agency regulations. If you are unsure, contact an online spill control expert.

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