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Some of the different types of spill kits available

There are many different types of spill kits now available on the market. These include large sized kits, that are perfect for use at industrial sites and are stored in wheeled bins or lockers, and smaller spill kits that are perfect to store on a vehicle or in the workshop.

Vehicle oil spill kits

These spill kits are the perfect accessory for an HGV or van driver. The kits come in easy to carry bags and have about 28 litres absorbency capacity.

Forklift spill kits

The essential accessory for forklift trucks. These spill kits can be fixed to the back of forklift trucks and are perfect to use in the warehouse and even outdoors. They have a 12 litres absorbency rating.

Wheeled locker spill kits

Wheeled locker spill kits are large sized kits perfect for industrial use. They contain a huge amount of spill control and cleanup components, including spill pillows, pads and socks. The absorbency capacity of these kits is about 1200 litres.

Tube spill kits

These spill kits are perfect to carry around any industrial site. They have about 20 litres absorbency capacity and can soak up fuel and oil spills.

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