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Some different types of spill kits

You may think that spill kits would be quite costly, considering the technology that goes into producing the product, but this is simply not the case.

Many spill kits come in compact sizes and contain just the things you need for the application they are bought for. For example, shoulder bag oil spill kits, which come in a bag that can be carried easily over the shoulder, contain equipment including absorbent pads, absorbent socks, an absorbent pillow, gloves and a disposal bag for the used absorbents. And they are really cost-effective.

Other spill kits come in wheelie bins and can contain not only all the components of the oil spill kit shoulder bag but extra absorbents with a larger capacity. The bin is also easily mobile, so can be pulled to the site of the spill easily, it’s the perfect kit to have in the workshop, or at various locations around your factory should a spill occur.

There are of course much larger and more comprehensive spill kits than these that have a capacity of over 1000 litres. These are suitable for absorbing fuel spills as well as oil spills.

You just need to have a look online to choose a suitable spill kit for the size of your application.

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