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Small fuel storage devices

Some industrial premises need to store small amounts of fuel oil or diesel for use in process controlled applications. And the best way that they can do this is to use a fuel cube.

Fuel dispensing cubes are available in a range of different sizes and can be operated by a 110V supply or a 240V supply.

All fuel cubes should comply with the pollution prevention guidelines (PPG2) and should have a polyethylene inner tank, and have a steel outer bund. Fuels which can be stored in fuel cubes include paraffin, kerosene and diesel

Fuel cubes can be used as a secondary fuel tank so that if a primary tank fails or the fuel in a primary tank runs out, the secondary tank can be used.

One of the major benefits of fuel cubes is that they can be moved with a pallet truck or a forklift truck; so can be sited at any location you wish in a matter of minutes. They are also supplied in a weather proof design so can be used outdoors and also comply with ADR transport regulations so are 100% legal to transport between sites.

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