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Single skinned liquid storage tanks

Many applications still use single skinned storage tanks to store heating fuel or oil. However, the oil storage regulations 2001 are quite stringent in which applications they can be used.

Single skinned fuel storage tanks cannot be used when:

• The tank is situated within 10 metres of a controlled water supply

• The tank is situated within 50 metres of a bore hole, well or spring

• The capacity of the tank needs to be in excess of 2,500 litres

• Spillages could run into controlled waters over the ground

There are however a wide range of applications where single skinned tanks are appropriate for use.

When buying a single skinned tank, it’s important to find out what extras come with the tank as standard. Things to look for include a filter and shut off valve. Some tanks even come with an ultrasonic digital content’s gauge and forklift access points, for initial fitting of the tank.

It’s important to remember that single skinned tanks do not come with bunds. If you are in any doubt regarding the type of storage tank you require to comply with the oil storage regulations 2001, you should always contact your storage tank supplier to confirm the tank is suitable for your application.

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