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Single skin fuel tanks

Single skin fuel tanks are not commonly used, due to restrictions imposed by the Oil Storage Regulations because they do not contain a bund. But they can be used in some instances and because they are single skinned, they can be quite cost-effective. Other benefits of single skinned tanks include their high impact strength and their requirement for little or no maintenance.

Single skin fuel storage tanks can work really well in the storage of heating fuel oil in domestic situations. You have to make sure however that there are some pre-requisites.

• The tank is fitted over 10 metres away from a controlled water supply

• It is fitted over 50 metres away from a well, borehole or spring

• The capacity must not exceed 2,500 litres

• A tank should not be installed where any spill could run into controlled waters

The rules and regulations are strict and need to be adhered to, so it’s always worth seeking professional advice before buying. Supplier of these tanks will usually only be too happy to help and should be able to answer any other questions you may have.

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