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Shoulder bag spill kits

Many factories use spill kits because they provide an excellent spill response solution when a spill occurs. They are normally located at strategic positions around the factory site so they are quickly accessible if needed. However, there is still a need for mobile spill kits which can be easily carried to the site of a spill.

Shoulder bag spill kits are the perfect spill kit solution. The bags contain everything you need to cope with a spill and are designed to be worn over the shoulder, making transporting them really easy.

Spill kits can be purchased with spill clean-up and containment equipment designed to cope with certain types of spills. For example, shoulder bag chemical spill kits contain absorbent socks, absorbent pads and absorbent pillows, which are specially designed to soak up spills of an aggressive and hazardous chemical nature. General purpose shoulder bag spill kits contain similar products but the materials are capable of soaking up liquids of a non hazardous nature.

Shoulder bag spill kits have the capacity to soak up spills of around 50 litres with ease and because the bag that contains the spill kit is weather proof it can even be used outdoors.

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