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Shoulder bag spill kits

If you need to carry a spill kit with you as part of your daily work activities, you need to use one that can be easily carried, but also contains everything you might need if you have to deal with a spill. An over the shoulder spill kit is the perfect kit to use here.

Over the shoulder spill kits are designed to be carried easily by the user. And a shoulder bag can contain a huge amount of spill cleanup devices. So if you need to keep the bag handy in your vehicle, in the workshop or even hung at the ready in your warehouse, this type of kit is a great one to choose. Because a shoulder bag can be carried easily, your spill response time will be reduced and hence the spill can be controlled and cleaned quickly and efficiently.

A standard general over the shoulder spill kit will contain things such as absorbent pads, socks, pillows and PPE gloves. It will also contain a disposal bag so the used materials can be disposed of properly.

A shoulder spill kit is a really cost effective tool and is a great way to be ready in case you need to clean up a spill.

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