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Shoulder bag chemical spill kits

Spill kits comprise of many spill clean-up, containment and absorbent products, which can be used if needed to clean up a spill of a hazardous substance.

One of the most popular spill kits currently available is an over-the-shoulder spill kit. An over-the-shoulder spill kit is a small bag which can be carried around as necessary and contains a few different spill control products.

Included in an over-the-shoulder spill kit are things such as absorbent pillows, socks, pads, disposable gloves and a usually a sack for the disposal of the used products.

If you use chemicals or other toxic liquids at your industrial site, it’s really important that you are prepared in case a spill occurs. And, one way you can do this is to have different spill kits available at specific locations around your site. Usually placed near to a site that is most likely to see a spill, a spill kit can be your first line of defence at dealing with a problem that may escalate if left untreated or could result in a fine if contaminated liquid should enter the general waste water system.

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