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Selecting the right spill kit is essential

Spills are commonplace in many environments, and it is important that they are cleaned up as quickly as possible. In order to avoid the hazards that spills can cause, a spill kit should be kept close to hand.

Spill kits are classified into different types. One type of spill kit is the general purpose kit. These kits are specially designed to clean up a range of different liquids.

Another type of spill kit is the oil-only spill kit. These spill kits are generally used for cleaning up liquids such as petrol, diesel, jet fuel and hydraulic oil. These kits repel water based liquids.

If chemicals and strong acids are being dealt with, a chemical spill kit is the most appropriate type to use. These spill kits are specially designed to clean up aggressive fluids, including solvents and acids.

Having the right type of spill kit enables spills to be cleaned up quickly and effectively- particularly the sorts of spills that can have a detrimental effect on the environment and those around it.

Not having the right plan and appropriate equipment in place can ultimately result in large fines. This is why it’s important to research which spill kit is best for you and invest in one as soon as possible.

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