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Selecting the best absorbent booms

Spill kits are one of the most essential components that need to be present at sites where spillages regularly occur. Nowadays, many spill kits have oil absorbent booms, which help to clear up oil spills quickly. These absorbents can also help to clean up oil which is in water.

In addition to this, oil absorbent booms are also often used to remove other hydro-carbon substances. As they can absorb oil from water, they can actually float on water when filled with oil.

Oil absorbent booms are like giant sponges which help in soaking up oily substances from water or land.

How can oil absorbent booms absorb large amounts of oil quickly?

The absorbent booms act like a super absorbent. Many absorbent booms consist of very sturdy nylon cords with metal clips. These clips help in connecting many booms together to clear up larger spills.

These booms are generally white in colour, which helps you to determine whether the absorbent is filled or not. Many absorbent booms have a diametre of 5-8 inches and are around 10 to 20 feet long.

You should select the size of the absorbent boom according to the kind of spills that take place.

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